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New CD Transforming Light

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Transforming Light - Harp and Honeybees, Spirit and Earth: A Contemplative Musician’s Journey is now available!  A meditation on music and the sounding life, this recording includes a 28 page booklet with written text and photographs that gather the music into four delicately framed movements.  Please see excerpts below.

. . .  Living and working as a contemplative musician, I seek the sounding life not only within my own imagination, but within the imagination of the land where I dwell.  The sounding vibration of the honeybees, the almost constant murmuring of the wind, the darkening call of the coyotes, the rhythmic pronouncements of the downy woodpecker – these are all elements of the acoustic ecology of this land.  They inform and inspire my sounding world as each reveals qualities of transforming light in daily relationship with earth and spirit.

. . .   As I use a harp technique that combines fingernail and fingerpad touch, tone can emanate crystalline purity or sun-like warmth . . . Tones are truly released, and so the activity of their combinations is imagined and hoped for, but not fully controlled . . .

. . .   Revery implies an undulating flow of thought, feeling, and inspiration.  We listen within so as to be awake to the thoughts that yearn forward into the world, the thoughts that are meant to come through our own unique physical, emotional, and spiritual make-up.  I think of this subtle element of our being as our musical nervous system.  Our musical nervous system reveals musicality as an activating gesture embedded within our very existence, drawing us into ever-expanding circles of sound and silence, light and dark, movement and stillness, essence and being.