Linda Schneck, MA, CMTh, is a harpist and teacher, composer and performer, beekeeper, and a Certified Music-Thanatologist.  She has been nationally affiliated with the Chalice of Repose Project of Mount Angel, Oregon, where she served as a senior Harp and Clinical faculty member in the School of Music-Thanatology from 1997 – 2010.  As a music-thanatologist, Ms. Schneck has attended nearly three thousand vigils over the last 15 years in every health-care setting: hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, home-health settings, and long-term care facilities.

Her musical formation has included piano performance degree studies with Alexander Fiorillo and George Sementovsky of Temple University, private piano study with Peter Takács of Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and studies in harp, contemplative musicianship, and composition with Therese Schroeder-Sheker, founder of the field of Music-Thanatology.  Her graduate work has included composition studies with Nicholas Brooke, as well as music studies with Allen Shawn of Bennington College,Vermont. She is currently completing a CD and accompanying 28 page booklet entitled Transforming Light – Harp and Honeybees, Spirit and Earth: A Contemplative Musician’s Journey.  This CD includes original compositions with accompanying text that explores relationships between sound, being, and nature.  She has originated the name Eco-thanatology© to describe the meditative research, study, and expression of the musical gesture of the harp in transformative relationship to our living and dying.  In her essay,“The Temple Vision in Palliative Care”, published in Explore: Journal of Science and Healing 2006 (Vol. 2/500), she shares her hope for the field of palliative care within skilled nursing facilities.

 Ms. Schneck has synthesized a lifetime focus on music, teaching, and spirituality through the founding of Lectio Musica, expanding the Temple Vision of health-care to include a honeybee sanctuary and earth-based center for the study of harp as a contemplative practice.

Residencies and Apprenticeships are offered in Vermont in an environment of quiet, beauty, and contemplation where our innate empathy for the myriad tones of the world may be awakened in a generative interplay between silence, deep listening, embodied revelation, and sounding responsivity.